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Sunbox DataView web part allows you to customize html markup depending of one or multipile datasources. You can customize the markup as you want and you don't need to use special instruments (like SharePoint Designer) to configurate it.

How it works

The schema of Sunbox DataView principal of work is shown below:

1. After page init the web part starts to load choosen datasources (via AJAX).
2. When all data sources will be loaded, Sunbox Data View builds XML tree of loaded data.
3. After that web parts transform xml tree depends on your XSL template.
4. That render result HTML on the page.

How to use:

At the first you need to specify web part zone, which you want to display markup and add there Sunbox dataview webpart from "Sunbox" catalog:


After that you need to configurate added web part:
Specify data sources, which data you want to display;
Specify XSL template of selected data sources.

Goto web part settings and you see the two web part editor sections: "Data sources" and "XSL template".


Configurating data sources

As the data source can be Lists, Libraries, Views. Each you can configurate by specifing caml query, viewfields, rowlimit etc.
Click on "Add" to adding data source to web part. After that you will see the added data source. Click on "Edit" link to configurate them.


Source name

This options specify the internal name of data source, which will use for XML tree building.

Web url

If your list is on another web of current - specify its url and press "Get lists" button to fill List dropdown list.


Required parameter. Specifies the target list of data source.


You can specify view of the choosen list to query list items. When you select list, this parameters fill the views, accosiated with the list.


Query parameter for quering data from choosen list. It's an XML with 1 root element: <Query>....</Query>

This XML specifies the field which need to query from the list. This options overrides the fields of View parameter

Row limit

The maximum count of items. 0 - max or row limit of view (if specified).


This section determines the paging options of the data source. Tree types of paging available in sunbox data view:
Replacement items
Adding items
Autoloading (on scroll)

You need to determine two containers in your markup with unigue ID's. First for dinamic content, second - for paging control (link to loading next page of data).
For example,
<div id="items">.....</div>
<div id="pager"></div>

And configure two parameters:
Content container id - items;
Pager container id - pager.

After that web part will khow which content need to replace/add and where to put switching page control.

Pager link title

If you use "Replacement items" or "Adding items" pager type, this parameter allows you to specify the pager link text.
The page size parameter specifies row limit parameter or row limit of selected view.


Recursive scope

Check this parameter if you query data from libraries with subfolders.

After all options is configured click on "Save button". Repeat this step for all needed data sources.

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