Comments web part

Sunbox comments web part - it's a great tool for implementing comments mechanism to any custom list. As the custom list can be used any list on the site (it can be list of news, articles, document etc.)..
Each comment web part, added on a page, represent the interface for adding and removing comments:


Also you need data source for saving user's comments. You can create a new one or user existing comments list.

There are few fields needed for comments web part:
  1. Field of comment text. Type of the field - multiple rich text field;
  2. Field of ID of target custom list (id of news, articles etc.). Use this field web part will know: which comments relates to current displaying item (news, articles ...). Type of the field - Lookup, Text or Integer;
  3. Field of parent comment id. This field is necessary for building hierarchical structure of the comments. Type of the field - Integer.

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